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Most of us drive some kind of vehicle, and I would guess that we all have a bitch about other drivers?

I get pretty sick and tired of those drivers with the “Praying Calvin” or the “NOTW” stickers yet they seem to be the biggest assholes on the road.

There really seems to be very little civility on the roads and Highways anymore, texting, talking on the phone.  Is there some sort of disconnect between talking on the phone and the right foot to the gas pedal?

Here in California, the Freeways resemble the local landfills, especially the I-10 going thru my area, where a bunch of spoiled X GAME assholes flock to Glamis every weekend and trash continues to flow from ther vehicles.  Not just choke and puke wrappers and empty soda bottles.  BBQ’s, dirty diapers, truckers dump their empty piss bottles on the side of the road.

Mmmmmm, USDA Ammonia Burger

Posted by Karen De Coster on February 4, 2012 12:59 PM

Not everything Jamie Oliver does has a libertarian touch, however, I like a lot of what his “Food Revolution” is doing to educate and empower individuals in terms of eating real food and ditching the chemical slop being turned out by the corporate-socialist food machine.

Although Oliver often appeals to government to help drive the change in food habits, his campaign to educate people about the beef turned out by the industrial food supply is a good example of using facts and persuasion to educate people on the reality of industrial-processed food. Oliver has been hard at work exposing the methods that are used to repurpose formerly discarded beef cuts – throwaway scrap – as edible food. Oliver refers to the process wherein ammonium hydroxide is used to treat the beef scrap to kill the pathogens. The ammonia-treated beef scrap is minced and mixed with the ground beef to (1) produce more meat and (2) save the costs of discarding the scrap. Oliver calls this repurposed scrap “pink slime.”

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Nothing about his boy Obama not only not ending the Bush Afghanistan war, but escalating it. Nothing about his boy Obama ordering drone bombings in Pakistan and Yemen which have killed many innocent civilians. (I wonder if Democrat George Clueless would have been “sticking up” for Democrat Lyndon Johnson’s Vietnam War if he had been old enough to vote for LBJ?) Nothing about his boy Obama supporting the bank bailouts when he was a senator. (Actually, since Clueless believes the car company bailouts was a “good” idea, perhaps he also believes that the bank bailouts was a “good” idea.) Nothing about his boy Obama signing the NDAA. Nothing about his boy Obama still not shutting down Gitmo. Nothing about his boy Obama not showing any proof that bin Laden was actually dead—nor about his boy Obama even ordering the cold-blooded murder of the unarmed, suspected criminal bin Laden, i.e., denying bin Laden due process. (Had the liar Bush ordered the murder and then failed to show proof of it, Clueless would have been one of the biggest protesters—as well he should have been.) Nothing about his boy Obama not ending the Iraq war as soon as he took office —as he lied that he would during his presidential campaign. That’s why he is George Clueless. (Or perhaps, unlike left-wingers Glenn Greenwald and Cenk Uygur, Clooney is just too gutless to criticize his boy Obama—or perhaps too insecure to admit the truth about Obama being as bad as Bush.)


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